Product Range


Premium Grade Chips

Harvest Choice 13mm Straight Cut Chip

This is our most popular product and is the ideal fish shop style chip. With superior taste and unrivalled crispness, this product is ideal for customers who want to take their meal home and expect it to taste the same as if it had just come out of the fryer.

The more traditional thicker cut ensures greater heat retention in the product and less oil take-up. We aim to achieve a more even cook with this product, thus minimizing the prospect of burning or discoloured product.

Harvest Choice 15mm Straight Cut Chip

Our unique 15mm “CHUNKY” chip is becoming more popular in a variety of different outlets. It is perfect for the fish shop or fish café that wants that real home style feel and also likes using something different, not to mention the pub or club that is looking for an alternative to an expensive steak cut type chip or specialty product.

The emphasis again with this product is the frying time, colour and taste and customers who get onto this product very rarely change because it is so different.

Harvest Choice 10mm Straight Cut Chip

Our 10mm product is also becoming quite popular in outlets looking for something different to the major brands.

The emphasis here is still very much on taste and final product presentation, however the thinner cut ensures much faster cooking times.

Harvest Choice 7mm Straight Cut Chip

Our 7mm “strings” product is a real hit with the kids.

This long, thin product is designed for the quickest possible cook times, best yield for customers and the crispiest chip for the end user.



B-Grade Chips

Mr Fish N Chips 13mm and 10mm Straight Cut Chips

Our Mr Fish N Chips brand of chips is for those customers who are more price sensitive.

This product is not available at all times so please ask our sales staff when making your enquiries.