Why Choose Harvest Choice?

End User Satisfaction

Whilst understanding the need to maximize yields and remain competitively priced, Harvest Choice french fries aim to satisfy the final customer. A happy customer is more likely to come back for more and tell his/her friends as well.
We ensure only the freshest and best quality potatoes are used in our Harvest Choice brand. Varieties vary throughout the season and are chosen for their cooking quality, taste, crispness and overall appearance, not necessarily just their size and shape. Our processing methods are different to our competitors, ensuring the fullest flavour whilst retaining nutritional goodness.

Ease of Cooking

As any retail operator will know, french fries that have a burnt appearance are not necessarily cooked. Often high levels of sugars in the raw material and either poor storage and/or processing techniques will result in a finished cook result that is discoloured or burnt. A product that does not prematurely discolour is much easier to cook. It is more visually appealing to the consumer and the product tastes better and stays crispier for longer. This characteristic also enables the retail operator to cook the french fries with other frozen products (ie. seafood) in the same frying basket, making the frying process more even and thus avoiding mistakes with orders.

Australian Roots

Harvest Choice is made by Ready Meals Pty Ltd which is started in Australia as a family owned business. Today, family members still play an active role, and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and customer satisfaction. We believe in fostering strong relationships with our employees, suppliers and customers, where the focus is on doing business in a professional and mutually advantageous manner.

State of the Art Technology & HACCP Accreditation

Our family has invested heavily in the latest technology so that we can meet the needs of our growing customer base. We always aim to do things better and smarter and are very conscious of keeping our environmental footprint to a minimum. Whilst we are smaller in size than our competitors we ensure that we keep abreast of the latest developments in technology in our industry. We are also HACCP accredited and therefore maintain the strictest possible standards in health, hygiene and safety.