About Us

Harvest Choice is a leading brand of frozen french fries in Australia manufactured by Ready Meals Pty Ltd in Hallam Melbourne. We strive to be different by providing what we consider to be a superior quality french fry using only the freshest produce. Being family owned and operated, we pay particular attention to detail and strive to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our brand Harvest Choice was once described as one of the Melbourne foodservice industry’s “best kept secrets”. We feel that many people in this industry have lost sight of what really matters and that is the consumer. In an age of product standardization, cheap imports and a lack of support for locally grown fresh produce, the success of our brand proves that if the focus is on quality at all costs, then success is guaranteed.

So we challenge you to take the taste test and try Harvest Choice. Give it to your customers. We are certain that once you try our product you will agree with us that Harvest Choice is “the only Choice!”